Click hereto simulate & experience the powerful feature of E-Commerce (Demo & Simulation)

Scenario One : Minimum Order Amount S$35, If Total Amount less than S$35, System will prompt Customer the alert message

Scenario Two : Set Whatsapp Date & Time control (Only available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm), if Customer surfing this E-Commerce Platform after Office Hours, Whatsapp will not be able to trigger.

Scenario Three : Example like Bubble Tea or Apparel, Customer can choose add on item (topping) every Add On or Topping will be auto-calculate the Amount & add it into the Total Amount

Scenario Four : When Customer input stayathome into Coupon (During Check Out), System will minus S$5 off from Total Purchase *Minimum Purchase Amount is SGD$35

Scenario Five : Set Maximum Order Cap Amount at $2000, as to avoid customer key in wrong & huge quantity to cause the Order Amount too high it can be customisable.

Scenario Six : When Seller change Order Status from Pending to Complete, System will auto-send email attached with E-Invoice printed PAID

Scenario Seven : Customer able to choose language ( English or Chinese ) in Menu

Scenario Eight : Customer is able to pay via Cash On Delivery or Credit Card Payment ( Test Card Number : 4242424242424242 ) regardless the language is either English or Chinese as well as Mobile Wallet Payment like Apple Pay, Alipay, Paynows & etc

Scenario Nineth : You will be able to receive SMS auto-trigger by system when any customer place order, so as need not to take time to monitor any new incoming email

Scenario Tenth : Membership & Loyalty Point System (example Register as Member, will auto reward 100 points, purchase product, every $1 will entitle customer to get 10 points, customer can fully uterlize this point to redeem as cash point example 100 points = $1, and customer need to log in as a register user in order to entitle such privilege

Scenario Eleven : Enable Address Autofill to save customer time & they need not wasting time to manually key in address into “(Deliver to) Address field, they just need to input their Home Unit Number eg. #18-88 in the Home Unit Number Field

Scenario Twelve : In “Contact Us”,Enhance Version of Multiple Store Address, customer can see how far the “kilometer” distance between current location to the shop they want to go, and they can click Direction on which particular shop they want to go, Screen will auto open up a new windows & call out the application to direct them to the desire place, and from the map, they are able to know how long is the distance & take how long to reach there

Are you ready ? to experience the power of E-Commerce ? then Click hereto simulate & experience the powerful feature of E-Commerce (Demo Only)

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